Sunday, June 23, 2013

Maze Agency

Maze Agency focuses on two detectives and the mysteries they solve. The comic is notable for being a "fair play" mystery that give the readers clues to solve the mystery themselves. However, Mike Barr admits a few of the stories are "too complex for the reader to solve". He also cited Ellery Queen as an inspiration.
  • Jennifer Mays- She is a main character. She is a tough and smart ex-CIA agent that runs a private detective agency. Few know about her soft side.
  • Gabriel Webb- He is a main character. He is a crime writer and detective that works with Jennifer. He is easily distracted and scatterbrain, but has a deductive mind. He won't officially join her because of their romantic relationship and thinks such action would inappropriate.
  • Detective Roberta Bliss- She is a NYPD detective. She is of Puerto Rican descent. She is annoyed how Mays and Webb tend to cause complications, but has a begrudging respect for them.
  • Ashley Swift- She is Mays' detective rival and ex-boss. She is arrogant (much to Mays' annoyance) and a competent detective.

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