Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Red Scare

The Tick (Left) fighting the Red Scare (Right)
I'm a fan of the superhero parody The Tick. So, I am going to talk about a minor character from the comic series.
The Red Scare is an employee of Villain Inc. He is a fake villain that pretends to go on a rampage and lets the hero, that paid for his performance, "stop" him. The purpose behind this is to make the hero look good.
The Red Scare himself is a huge man with a white and red costume. It's unclear if he is suppose to be super strong and durable or not. He has shoulder pads (which have spikes on them), a hammer and sickle. The latter two are his weapons. Despite his motif, he is not Russian, but Scottish. His real name is Gary. His diet is mainly "Steroid Crunchies" and marshmellows.
Gary was originally the Whirling Scottish Devil. It is implied Barry Hurbis (a hero that beats up other heroes and steal their names) fought him and stole his the supervillain identity. Gary became the Red Scare to capitalize on fear of the USSR. We first see the Red Scare when Running Guy hired him to make to improve his image. However, this went south due to the Tick mistaking Red for a real villain and beating him up. The Red Scare has a few times after his first appearance.
The Tick Specials: The Complete Work

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