Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ron Planet

Ron Planet is a web comic created by Matt Chapman (one of the creators of Homestar Runner) and Craig Zobel.
Titular Character
Ron Planet is the only qualified astronaut left on Earth. However, he finds his job boring and would rather play with Legos and look after his cat Mabel. This is not helped by the fact that Ron gets no respect for his job. He lives in a run-down house.
Ron Planet was hired to replace the posters on satellites. He had to get on a passenger plane to get high enough in the atmosphere. He managed to accomplish his mission via a ship that looked like an EVA pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey.When he returns to his house, he was contacted by NASA's sole employee (due to budget cuts) Doctor Eggleston, who wants him to go to the moon to figure out why there is a bag of popcorn on the moon. The story was never finished.

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