Monday, June 24, 2013


He is the leader of the team Section 8, which consists of mentally ill superhero wannabes. Despite thinking he is a superhero, he is actually just a drunk guy that fails to realize most of his "adventures" were little more than drunken dreams. He hangs out at Noonan's Sleazy Bar. His "power" is attacking people with broken bottles.
He founded Section 8 to be the superhero team of the Irish section of Gotham City (called "The Cauldron"). The rest of his team were good-intentioned, but mentally unstable people. The team helped Tommy Monaghan / Hitman from time to time. The team disbanded when Friendly Flame (a member) pointed out how pathetic they are. However, they united to fight the demonic Multi-Angled Ones. The Multi-Angled Ones, amused by him, offered to stop attacking the Earth if Sixpack would fight them with his soul being on the line. Sixpack agreed and he and the Multi-Angled Ones disappeared. A statue was made in his honor. It is implied he defeated the Multi-Angled Ones as he was seen at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

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