Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ravage 2099

Ravage's human form (top) and Ravage's beast-man form (bottom) 
I mentioned the Marvel imprint Marvel 2099, which was mostly cyberpunk reimagining of Marvel characters. Ravage 2099 is unique for lacking a then-present-day counterpart (the Hulk villain Ravage didn't appear until after this guy did).
Paul-Phillip Ravage was the CEO of ECO (a pollution-fighting group hired by the megacorpation Alchemax). When he questioned his superiors at Alchemax, he was framed for murder and became fugitive. His companions are his ex-secretary Tiana and Dack (who was orphaned when ECO killed his father). The three of them battled Alchemax troops. Paul (now calling himself "Ravage") went to Hellrock, a civilization of people mutated by radiation, and fought its human-hating and genocidal leader Dethstryk. He helped save Tiana from him, but got contaminated by the before-mentioned radiation. Over exposure to the radiation eventually turned into a monstrous beast-like creature with horns, claws and fangs. However, he gained the ability to turn to his normal form. Alchemax turned Tiana into a version of Hel (a Norse goddess) in part of their plan to kill / control all the superheroes. However, Ravage prevented her from going through with the plan. Ravage and Tiana got new jobs, but Ravage's bestial side strained their relationship. As such, he tried to control his animal side until he accepted it. Ravage teamed up with Ferra (a literal bat woman) to find a legendary valley that supposedly was filled with animal-people in it. Despite not finding the valley, they destroyed a reality-warping alien. After returning to Hellrock, Ravage killed Dethstryk with the help of Ferra, Tiana and Seeress (a confidant of Dethstryk). Ravage was seemly killed when Doom 2099 drowned him in liquid adamantium and launched him into outer space.
Originally, Ravage had no powers. However, after being exposed to radiation, he gained the ability to fire energy from his hands. However, he eventually transformed into a man-beast with super strength, healing speed, sense, agility and durability. He also had the power to turn back to his normal form and back.

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