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The Antichrist's True Form
"Simply put, this trope is what happens when The Parody is created by people who didn't research what they were parodying. ... Therefore, the "parody" will only bear a superficial resemblance to what is supposedly being parodied." - TvTrope "Shallow Parody"
The Antichrist was given a scar by Tom Riddle (possessed by Oliver Haggo). He was raised by his rude aunt and uncle. However, "Antichrist" was taken to be trained in magic at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had various adventure usually having him fight the villainous wizard Voldemort. He developed a friendly, happy and outgoing personality. He wanted to be an Auror (a dark art-fighting law enforcement officer) when he graduated. However, he discovered several things: Oliver Haddo (possessing Tom Riddle / Voldemort) was the ruler of the wizard society, manipulated the events of the Antichrist's childhood (via Hogwarts) to become the Antichrist and the scar is the "the mark of the Beast". Driven mad by this knowledge, the Antichrist went on a school-shooting-like rampage. He moved into Sirius Black's house (for some reason taking Haddo, who was reduced to a head, along with him). He took anti-psychotic meds and attempted to avert his destiny by never leaving his house. Despite doing nothing for 10 years, Prospero had sent Allan, the now-female Orlando and Mina to kill the Antichrist. During the battle, Antichrist killed Allan via a lightning blast. Orlando sent a signal to Prospero, who contacted God. A personification of God, Mary Poppins, killed Antichrist by turning him into a chalk drawing and then summoned a storm thus washing him away.
Relation to Harry Potter
The Antichrist is supposed to be the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen version of Harry Potter. However as I implied with the quote, the Antichrist is a very shallow parody of Harry Potter. Villains Wiki noted these errors:
  • The comic claims Harry went to Hogwarts many years after "defeating" Voldemort. In the novels, Harry defeated Lord Voldemort on his last year at the school.
  • The comic Professor Horace Slughorn insults Harry. However, Slughorn and Harry were on good terms with each other. 
  • The comic book Voldemort was a Hogwarts teacher. In the novels, he attempted to get a teaching job, but was refused a position by Dumbledore.
  • The comic book Harry has locked himself in his house in 2009. However, the novel Harry is married Ginny and has several kids in 2009.
  • The comic book Voldemort is the 2009 Hogwarts headmaster. In the novel, Professor Mcgonagall had that job.
  • The Antichrist was able to fire lightning bolts without a wand. In the novel, he would need a wand.
The actual concept of Antichrist is protrayed incorrectly. Among the incorrect references are:
  • The "mark of the Beast" described as being the number "666" on the right of someone's forehead. In the comics, it is a scar.
  • The Antichrist is suppose to be a flase prophet. In the comic, he is protrayed as the person charged with starting the apocalypse.

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