Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cobalt Man

Ralph Roberts was studying the effects of nuclear radiation (especially when it involved cobalt) so he could make a suit of power armor to rival Iron Man's. After finishing the suit, he got a concussion, which caused him to go crazy and become obsessed with stopping Iron. However, the X-Men stopped him and his suit (which it turned out to be unstable) exploded. Egghead brainwashed Ralph into joining the Emissaries of Evil. Robert seemingly died in a nuclear explosion. However, he later appeared as part of a villain group fighting the New Warriors. The villain Nitro blew himself up and killed the villains (including Ralph) and 600 innocent people. Later, there was a team working for Norman Osborn called "the Cobalt Men", whose members wore cheap knock-offs of the original armor.
Powers and Abilities
He used to be a college athlete at football. He was also skilled pole-vaulter. He was also genius when it came to nuclear physics and inventing. The original suit gave him super strength, flight and super durability. It also had "recoil beams" capable of annihilating vehicles with one blast. The second version also had an oxygen tank for travel in space. Both versions are made of a cobalt-alloy (hence his name).

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