Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hornet (left), Viking, Soldier, Monster (behind Soldier and Robot), Robot
You may remember that DC Comics made an Avengers homage called "Champions of Angor". They actual have another one (along with elements of the Ulimates): Maximums!
The Maximums and their timeline were created by the Joker and Mister Mxyzptlk. They are a government-sponsored team. While they were fighting Axis of Evil, they met versions of Superman and Batman created by the Joker and Mxy to frame them for the death of Skyscraper. The Maximum went into the main DC universe and captured the "real" Superman and Batman. After they are imprisoned in Alcatraz, Batman and Superman escaped. Despite another battle between the two groups, Robot believed that Superman and Batman may be not guilty. The Joker unleashed Kryptonite Man to kill Superman, who imprisoned Kryptonite Man in Robot's outside armor. Joker had the Maximums fight various versions of Batman and Superman. It turned out Darkseid manipulated these events so he and Bat-Mite could be freed. Enraged about being manipulated, Mr. Mxyzptlk removed the Maximums from existence.
  • Soldier (Captain America)- He is the leader of the Maximums. He is a uncompromising and military-minded leader. He was described as a "super-soldier". His son was Lucky.
  • Viking (Thor)- He is the son of Ice Giants. He wields a powerful axe (capable of hurting Superman) created by Ywir out of black ice.
  • Monster (Hulk)- Becky is a small girl that turns into the super durable and strong, male Monster. He has weakness to electric shocks.
  • Hornet (Wasp)- Jamie is Skyscraper's vengeful insect-like wife. She can shrink, fly and fire stinging blasts.
  • Robot (Iron Man)- Despite people assuming he is a man in a power suit, he is actually a living robot.
  • Skyscraper (Giant Man)- He could grow up to 25 stories high. A version of Superman killed him. 
  • Wolfen (Wolverine / Beast)- He is a canine-like member prone to berserker rages.
  • Bug (Spider Man)- He is a wisecracking superhero that has four arms.
  • Bowman (Hawkeye)- He is a deceased archer. 

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