Friday, October 18, 2013

Red Raven

The Man in Red Himself
It's my 450th post! Years ago, I talked about the Liberty Legion. For this occasion, I decided to talk about the member Red Raven.
A plane crashed into a flying island inhabited by Bird-People / Winged Ones (who later turn out to be members of the Inhumans, a race of descendants from cavemen that the Kree genetically altered). The people on the plane didn't see it due to being covered in fog. The Bird-People decided to raise the lone survivor, a young boy.
He was named "Red Raven" and given fake wings (since the Bird-People are born with wings). When he became an adult, he decided to attempt to learn about "normal" humans. During World War II, he became a superhero and member of the Liberty Legion. However as the war raged on, Raven became disillusioned and returned to the island. The Bird-People (seeing themselves as superior to normal humans) wanted to conqueror humanity with Raven arguing they shouldn't since the normal humans outnumbered them. Red Raven, to save the bird-people, put them and himself in suspended animation via a special gas. They were placed in capsules that sank to the bottom of the ocean. These capsules had a timing device that let them float back and wake up. 
Later, X-Men member Angel discovered the Bird-People. After fighting with Red, Angel returned them to suspended animation. However, an earthquake accidentally freed Red Raven. Despite Namor the Sub-Mariner saving him, Red Raven's reason was warped due to the flawed suspended animation method. Red Raven attempted to Save the Bird-People, kill all of humanity and take over the world. However, he discovered the capsules malfunctioned and all the Bird-People were dead. Depressed, he attempted to kill himself by blowing up the island. However, it turned out he faked the death of the Bird-People, himself and the destruction of the island. Red Raven became more weary of humanity and fought various heroes such as the Defenders and the Order, culminating in an unsuccessful all-out war against humanity. It was revealed ARMOR recruited Red Raven as one its members. He fought some zombies, but became one only to be was killed almost immediately.

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