Monday, October 28, 2013

The Amazing Three

Clockwise: Oakman (top),
Tanya, Blue Wizard (bottom)
No. These guys aren't supposed to be stand-ins for the Fantastic Four.
The Amazing Three were three teenagers. By saying "Rings of Zorr", they became superheroes. My source could not find an explanation on how they gained this power. Their archenemy was the alien wannabe-conqueror Volger. Like Leopardman, they appeared in Zenith Phase 3. Tanya was decapitated by the Lliogor. Blue Wizard made monuments to the fallen heroes (which also included sister).
  • Blue Wizard / Craig Travers- He was Tanya's brother. He used a magic cane in his superhero form. This gave him various powers such as creating TV out of thin air, turning Oakman into a butterfly, checking for a heat among others. He can survive in space and fly without aid. Despite the latter, he rode on a shield. He may or may not be super strong.
  • Tanya / Sue Travers- She was the sister of Blue Wizard. She could fire lasers, fly and once displayed super speed. In Zenith, she had super strength and durability. She was killed by the Lliogor, who decapitated her.
  • Oakman / Sam Pacey- In his superhuman form, he is a tree-like humanoid. He has super strength and bullet-proof skin. He has the un-tree-like ability to fly.

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