Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Atom Wizard

The Atom Wizards are two public domain superheroes. Both of the superheroes were published by Victory Magazine / Victory Magazine Corp.
Drew Lane
Atomic Wizard I
Drew Lane was the son of the scientist Professor Winthrop Lane, who discovered an unstable element that even a electric jolt would cause it to go into nuclear fission. Devens, his dad's assistant, sold his father's secret. Winthrop used to element to kill himself and the criminals. When Drew discovered a Nazi was planning to take his father's secrets, Drew became the superhero Atomic Wizard to protect it.
Mr. Mars
Our unimpressive-looking hero
Mr. Mars (given name unknown) was non-costumed hero. He had the nickname "Atom Wizard" since he used his knowledge of atomic energy to fight people that abuse science for amoral reasons. Given the fact this character has limited story potential, it's not surprising he made one appearance. In his only appearance, he fought Marcia Maxwell, who used human brain-powered robots.

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