Friday, October 4, 2013


Magpie was a museum curator driven mad by being surrounded with beautiful and valuable things she loved but couldn't own. She became a jewel thief that stole jewels with bird names and then replaced the jewels with replicas (that were booby trapped). The reason from her name is due to folklore saying magpie are attracted to shiny objects. Batman tracked and defeated Magpie thus somehow impressing Superman. Magpie disappeared  but was revealed she was in the Arkham Asylum and was Poison Ivy's cellmate. Tally Man II, Ventriloquist, Scarface and Orca killed Magpie. During Blackest Night, she became a Black Lantern and attacked a grocery store.
The most notable thing about Magpie is her outlandish appearance. She has a "tri-hawk/mullet hair style" (which is actually a wig). She has a silver and red costume. She wears sunglasses, long gloves, earrings and fishnet stockings.

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