Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bob, Agent of HYDRA

Bob is a popular Deadpool supporting character.
Because of his wife accusing him of being unable to hold a steady job, Bob joined the terrorist group HYDRA (they have a dental plan). During his attack on a HYDRA base, Deadpool forced Bob into flying him to safety which Bob did mainly due to dumb luck (he doesn't know how to fly). Bob helped saved Weasel (a friend of Deadpool) from Wolverine. Deadpool and Bob were accidentally sent to the past where they helped Captain America and Bucky. Then, he helped Doctor Strange fix reality when T-Ray (Deadpool's archenemy) broke it. After Deadpool accidentally teleported dinosaurs from the Savage Land into New York, Bob unintentionally killed one of them thus making him an international hero. Bob nearly got killed by Tiger Shark only for Deadpool to save him. Later, Deadpool (wanting to be a pirate) forced Bob to be his parrot. In World War Hulks, Bob (due to having trouble with a time machine) sent dinosaurs to alternate reality, where the Thing was Blackbeard, by mistake.
Bob has no powers. While he had HYDRA training, this apparently had lesson such as "If I can't see them they can't see me" and "Hiding behind each other". He has an extreme fear of dangerous enemies of HYDRA (including Elektra, Captain America and Wolverine to name a few). He also shouts pro-HYDRA slogans when stressed. However, he can be extremely lucky to the point he can fly a plane without training. Deadpool claimed Bob is extremely skilled at running away.

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