Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sprite Comics

"If you can't draw, never fear, just steal some graphics from your favorite video game. And add yet another unlicensed pixel comic to the overcrowded, over stunk landfill of web comics." - Strong Bad
Sprite comics are comics (usually on the web) that use video game sprites (or slightly altered sprites) for a majority of the art. People usually make sprites comics due to the fact you don't need a lot of art skills and the ease of making them. Most sprite comics are parodies of the video games the sprites were taken from. Common video game targets are Final FantasySuper Mario Bros.Sonic the Hedgehog, PokemonLegend of ZeldaMetroidMortal Kombat and Mega Man. Common cliches include making the characters stupid, an author avatar, video game in-jokes and self-insulting humor. Sprite comics is different than pixel art comics as the sprites aren't original and taken from elsewhere.
The first sprite comic was Neglected Mario Characters. However, Bob and George (a parody of the Mega Man series) popularized these comics. Sprite comics were the most popular in 2000-2007.  However, they dropped in popularity recently.
Recurring Problems
Sprite comics have some recurring problems. Due to the ease of making them, untalented writer will make comics and not put effort into it. Not thinking about the color palette can easily ruin a sprite comic. While these sprite comics are easy to make, they still have to edited, but people tend to forget this. There are potential legal problems although these problems almost never comes up and the video game companies usually just ignore them.

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