Friday, January 18, 2013

Lilith, Daughter of Dracula

Lilith Drake is the daughter of Dracula (before becoming a vampire) and his first wife Zofia. Dracula (who hated Zofia) kicked Zofia and Lilith out of his castle. Zofia gave Lilith to Gretchin (a gypsy) and killed herself. Lilith grew up hating Dracula. Dracula (now being a vampire) killed Gretchin’s son. Enraged, Gretchin turned Lilith into a vampire immune to the normal vampire weaknesses so she will trouble Dracula for the rest of time. Despite originally attacking indiscriminately, she began to only attack Dracula’s targets. She tried to make up with her father, but ultimately failed. Quincy Harker decided to hunt Lilith after Mrs. Harker’s death. Having possessed a woman named Angel O'Hara, she stayed in England and killed criminals. After a battle with Dracula, she returned to her first body and attacked him. Being unable to kill him, Dracula escaped.
Lilith helped the X-Men battle Dracula while possessing Shadowcat, a prominent Jewish character. In a later story, Doctor Strange killed both Dracula and Lilith via a magic spell. However, the two returned. Lilith had an even stronger bloodlust. She fought Scarecrow with Brother Voodoo, but had to leave when her bloodlust got out of control. Lilith used Zombie to gather people for her to turn into vampires. Hannibal King and Spider-Man freed Zombie and killed her vampire servants. Lilith, with the help of scientist Charles Seward, infected Dracula with a “blood virus” only for Charles to reveal the truth to him. Charles worked on a cure for the virus. Lilith again fought Dracula, but Dracula was cured by Charles. Lilith was then forced into the Hollowing Commandos.
In Nick Fury's Howling Commandos # 2, Lilith was soon to be a member of the titular team. In # 3, Lilith and Vampire by Night were sent to go to area near Stonehenge that “Merlin” turned into a fantasy world. Lilith was a jerk towards Vampire by Night for being part vampire. Lilith noticed their teammate Damien Hellstorm was bring brought to the grounds. In issue 4, while spying on “Merlin”, Lilith handed Vampire to Night over to the villains to gain their favor. Hellstorm was not happy to see her. In issue 5, the other Commandos (include a rescued VN) planned to invade the area. In issue 6, Lilith seemly killed “Merlin” only for him to kill her and turn her to ash. After using her ashes to see the future, “Merlin” discovered it wasn’t “his time to rule” and left. Lilith turned back normal when he left.
In Legion of Monsters: Morbius #1, Dracula offered Lilith with a truce so he can rule the vampire clans. Lilith refused and killed the leaders of the vampire clans. Dracula revealed that he intended this so he can rule the vampires without rivals. An added bonus is that Lilith earned herself many enemies. 
She is super strong and immune to the weakness of vampires. She can hypnotize people, heal, even from dismemberment, turn into a bat or mist and can command animals. She can possess people. Due to Doctor Strange’s spell, so long as Dracula is alive, she cannot die. Ironically, she cannot directly kill Dracula (hence why she doesn’t use a wood stake to kill him already).

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