Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clone Saga

The Original Story
Miles Warren (driven by insane by the death of his secret love Gwen Stacy) created the identity of Jackal and cloned Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. He discovered Peter was a Spider-Man as a result. Jackal forced the Spider-Man clone to attack Spider-Man. However, the Spider-Men turned on Miles and one of them was killed. The survivor realized he is the real Spider-Man because the clone would only have memories before Gwen died, but the survivor have memories beyond it.
The Second Story
In the real world, this storyline was suppose to rival the DC Comics story lines "Knightfall" and "Death of Superman". However, the marketing department (which had the power over stories thanks to Ron Perelman's reorganizing the company) forced them to stretch the storyline for several years.
In the comic universe, Peter met someone named Ben Reily. One of them was the clone, but they didn't know who was the clone since the clone has the memories of original. They were plagued by the villains Kaine, Judas Traveller, Spidercide, Jackal and Scrier. Medical tests claimed Ben was the "real" Spider-Man and Peter was the clone. Peter retired and Ben became Spider-Man. In the real world, fans were enraged so the writers tried to make Peter Spider-Man again. In the comics, it turns out SOMEHOW that the thought-dead Norman Osborn Green Goblin was behind the entire saga and faked the test (even the writers thought this plot point was insanely stupid). He tried to kill Peter, but killed Ben, who degenerated into goo thus proving he was the clone. Marvel released a comic Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal to just explain how Sam Hill Green Goblin was behind any of this.

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