Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Death and Return of Superman

It won't last.
An alien landed on Earth. The Justice League International went to the landing site. The alien (who the JLI dubbed "Doomsday") attacked them and threw Booster Gold into space, where Superman saved him. Basically, the same scene happens over and over again: Doomsday beat up whatever superhero that tried to stop him. Doomsday and Superman ended up punching each other to death. The other heroes gave Superman a funeral. The trade paper back is titled The Death of Superman as oppose to the proper name.
Reign of the Supermen
(Clockwise) Metropolis Kid,
 Last Son of  Krypton, Steel
 and Cyborg Superman with
Superman in the center
Three months later, DC created a storyline to bring Superman back called Reign of the Supermen. Four heroes came to Metropolis and tried to fill the void Superman left. These heroes were:
  • Metropolis Kid- He was basically a younger and hipster version of Superman with a reckless personality. He hated being called "Superboy". He was revealed to be a clone of Superman.
  • The Man of Steel / Steel- John Henry Irons was a ex-construction worker that used a Iron Man-like suit of armor and a hammer to fight crime.   
  • The Last Son of Krypton- He was a Superman look- alike that wore a visor and could shoot energy. He killed criminals.
  • The Man of Tomorrow / Cyborg Superman- He appeared to be Superman with cyborg parts. He claimed to have amnesia.
People thought one of the latter two could be Superman. However, the Last Son of Krypton turned out be to be a Kryptonian robot and the Cyborg Superman was really the mind of Henry Hanksaw (an astronaut whose friends and wife died in a tragic parody of the Fantastic Four) in a cyborg clone of Superman. Hanksaw (who blamed Superman for the before mentioned accident) went on a rampage and destroyed Coast City (causing Hal Jordon's turn to evil). Steel, Metropolis Kid and LSK tried (and failed) to stop him. Superman (having been a "healing coma") managed to destroy Cyborg Superman's body (Hanksaw's mind can travel via computers) thus stopping his rampage. Lois, Superman and Supergirl then faked Clark Kent being a bunker since Doomsday's attack. The trade paper back is entitled The Return of Superman instead of the actual name.

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