Sunday, January 6, 2013

Copperhead (DC Comics)

The first Copperhead was a Gotham City criminal wearing a snake costume. He was beaten up by Batman and Batgirl. He became an assassin that obsessively hunted his target until he killed them by suffocating them with his tail. His job allowed him to collect transistor radios. He sold his soul to Neron (a demon that likes to Faustian pacts) to be turned into a snake-man hybrid. He was killed by Manhunter (Kate Spencer). He became a Black Lantern, but was destroyed by seven Lanterns working together. He is listed as "John Doe" due to his real name being unknown.
Nathan Prince
The Terror Titans had a member named Copperhead. This guy looked like the first guy before his deal with Neron. In the Terror Titans miniseries, this Copperhead was revealed to be named "Nathan Prince" and has no family ties to his namesake (the rest of the team are relatives of the villains they take their names from). He ran away from his parents after killing his brother. He made money by killing and robbing old men. For some reason, he joined the Terror Titans (this is never explained). He helped superhuman TNTeena during underground superhuman fight club battles, but was forced to kill her. The Terror Titans were sent to help the brainwashed Martyr Militia, who were trying to destroyed LA. However, Ravager and Miss Martian freed the Martyr Militia. The Terror Titans tried to flee, but Clock King killed Disruptor (who has the power to affect superhuman powers) and got them arrested. The TT (including Nate) swore revenge of Clock King.
Powers and Abilities
Both Copperheads are contortists. They both use a metallic and elastic suit coated with Kevlar. The costume is covered in heat / water proof gel. The suit had a prehensile tail and fangs with  a paralyzing neurotoxin that could kill people within 30 minutes.
The original Copperhead became a snake-man hybrid. His reflexes and agility increased.  He got venomous fangs, prehensile tail, a forked tongue and claws.
Clock King claims that Nathan has no powers.

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