Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chick Tracts

Jack T. Chick was a evangelist comic book writer. He is mainly known for his "Chick Tracts" comics. These were propaganda comics that were suppose to convince people to convert to Evangelist Christianity. These comics were known for how bizarre they could be. For example, they claimed the Roman Catholic Church caused both World Wars, Communism, Nazism, the Great Depression, the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy (despite JFK being a Catholic) and etc. The comics portrays abortion, homosexuality, the occult, rock music, Harry Potter, left-wing politics, pop culture, theory of evolution, antisemitism and other branches of Christianity in a negative light. In fact, they claim New Age beliefs, rock music, role playing games and Wiccans are tools of Satan (I'm not exaggerating).
As you may predict, these comics have received heavy criticism. Kerr Cuhulain (a Wiccan author) called Jack's theory (and by extension his comics) "anti-pagan" and "anti-feminist". Catholic Answers called Jack and his comics "savagely anti-Catholic", "bizarre" in his conspiracy theories and "often grotesque in their arguments". Many catholics and protestants agree with the latter. Jack claimed "he loves Catholics and wants them to be saved through faith in Jesus." However, he admitted some of his controversial views were, in his own words, "politically incorrect".
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