Tuesday, July 23, 2013


There are a handful of Marvel Comics characters called 8-Ball. However, this one is the only one with enough history and character to do a post on.
Jeff Hagees was born in Duluth, Minnesota. Jeff became a defense contractor and was responsible for designing missile propulsion systems. To relieve the stress of his job, he played pool. However, he soon gained large debt due to his gambling. Jeff was fired by his employers, who thought he was going to sell the companies' secrets to pay his debt. Jeff Hagees became the super villain 8-Ball using his engineering skills to help him. 8-Ball went on a crime spree and formed a gang (whose member included goons named "11-Ball", "6-Ball" and "9-Ball"). He fought the alien Sleepwalker, but narrowly escaped being captured. When they met again, 8-Ball attempted to kill Sleepwalker, but SW escaped. In their third encounter, 8-Ball (with the aid of Hobgoblin) attacked Sleepwalker, but stopped he discovered that the mind of another person was in Sleepwalker's body. However, Sleepwalker was dying and 8-Ball abandoned him. 8-Ball was captured at one point. He and several other villain fought the She-Hulk and lost. Later, 8-Ball (aided by Freezer Burn, Humbug and Whirlwind) stole from crime boss Ricadonna. They were unknowingly caught on camera. Ricadonna sent Wrecker to kill 8-Ball. Despite the fact the Wrecker succeeded in killing 8-Ball, Ricadonna was caught and thrown in prison.
Powers and Abilities
Jeff Hagees was a skilled engineer with a degree. He was able to make a pool rack-shaped, four-man hovercraft. He created and used a cue stick-like weapon, which amplified the force the stick hits the object with. This allows him to make normal objects into dangerous weapons. He used fire works, grenades, a floating hovercraft and flying mini-cameras (which are all painted to them look like billiard balls). He was also a skilled expert pool player and gymnast.

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