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Clockwise: Ronnie (top left), Billy, Mighty Mary, Lizard Johnny, Larry and Doc Scary
I'm going to talk about the DC Comics group the Outsiders. There have been two Outsider teams published by DC Comics: the more popular Batman team and this team.
They first appeared in 1st Issue Special issue 10. This version of the Outsiders are a group of deformed super humans. The team was first seen rescuing the mutant Billy from a mob. After they returned to their headquarters, the team directly talked to the reader about themselves. The rest of the comic was just them explaining the origin of Lizard Johnny, Billy and Doc Scary / Doctor Goodie. However, the origins of Amazing Ronnie, Hairy Larry and Mighty Mary are never explained.
Their only other appearance was in Superman issue 692. For some reason, Department M had them there as detainees.
  • Doctor Goodie / Doc Scary- Doctor Goodie was a NASA medical consultant. He was launched into space and crashed on an alien planet. The planet's natives made him into a cyborg in order to save his life. However since the alien never saw a human before, they gave him an inhuman appearance. He somehow returned to Earth and joined the team for unknown reasons. He uses elaborate makeup to hide his appearance to continue being a doctor. This tends to attracted unwanted attention by people that think he is handsome (unaware of his real appearance). He helped build the team's base under a hospital. He has surgical skills enhanced by his cyborg body.
  • Lizard Johnny- He was born as a reptilian humanoid. Johnny was found at sea by the fisherman Ahab Smith. Smith sent Johnny to a hospital. Doctor Goodie saved him and raised Johnny himself. Grown up, Johnny is a bespectacled, lizard-like humanoid with scraggly hair. He has regenerative healing and a poisonous forked tongue. He may or may not be amphibious.
  • Billy- He has a giant-head that is steel-hard and a baby-like face. As such, he uses his head as a battering ram. Billy was hidden in his father's basement. When two bulgars discovered him, they helped a mob try to kill him. The Outsiders saved him from the mob. The comic chronicles his joining the team.
  • Hairy Larry / Wheeler Dealer- Larry is a half-man and half-automobile with the top human half being enclosed in glass. He is a dwarf. He has a shaggy red-mane-like hair and a Quasimodo-like face. He transports himself, the team and their mobile lab (which is similar to a trailer).
  • Mighty Mary- She has orange-scaled arms arms and legs. Her fingers and toes are webbed. She is "normal" from the neck up. She has superhuman strength.
  • Amazing Ronnie- He is a dark-skinned and lumpy-headed creature. Ronnie has one eye and four arms. He has "acrobatic combat skills" (Wikipedia). 

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