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Soon I Will Be Invincible

Soon I Will Be Invincible is a novel by Austin Grossman. The novel parodies tropes associated with comic book superheroes.
The world's greatest hero, CoreFire, disappeared. The (New) Champions started investigating and bring in two new heroes Fatale and Lily. The heroes think Doctor Impossible, CoreFire's archenemy, did something to CoreFire despite the fact he was in prison. When two newbie superheroes investigated him, Doctor Impossible escaped and decided to start his 13th attempt to take over the world. The New Champions became convinced Doctor Impossible is responsible (although he isn't). Doctor Impossible went on a quest to find the materials he need for his plans while evading the New Champions. Fatale felt like she was unworthy of replacing CoreFire, but ended up earning her teammate's respect. CoreFire was found dead. During her investigation, Fatale discovered Doctor Impossible was the one who made her a cyborg. Lily had a fallout with team and left. Doctor Impossible enacted his plan: by moving the orbit of the Earth, he will create a new ice age and become the Earth's only source of power. He captured the New Champions and CoreFire (who faked his death). However, Doctor Impossible was defeated by Lily, who freed the team. The book ends with Doctor Impossible planning his next escape plan.
  • Doctor Impossible- He is one of the narrators. He is a mad scientist that has super strength and durability. He hates CoreFire since the accident that gave CF his power ruined the Doctor's carrier. The novel chronicles his 13th attempt to take over the world. He suffers from "Malign Hypercognition Disorder", which compels him to do evil. He hates magic since it cannot be scientifically explained.
  • CoreFire- He is a founding member of the Champions and current member of the New Champions. Jason was a jock that accidentally exposed to zeta-radiation by future Doctor Impossible. The accident gave him Superman-like powers. He faked his death after the B-list villain Pharaoh nearly killed him. 
  • Lily- She is a member of the New Champions. She use to be Erica Lowenstein (a Lois Lane stand-in Doctor Impossible would kidnapped) until she gained super strength, invulnerability and transparent skin. She claims she is from the future and went back in time to stop an ecological disaster. She isn't.
  • Fatale- She is the other narrator and member of the New Champions. She is a cyborg due to getting implants after a near-death accident. She feels out of place being with the legendary members of the rest of the team. She use to work of the NSA.
  • Damsel- She is the leader of the New Champions and former leader of the Champions. She is a clone of a golden age hero sliced with genes of an alien princess (although most people just assume she is simply their daughter). She has a force field, flight, super strength and micro-vision.
  • Blackwolf- He is a founding member of Champions and members of the New Champions. He is a non-powered superhero that has an athletic-physique. He became a superhero after his parents died. He is also the head of a corporation. He is mildly autistic.
  • Elphin- She is a member of the New Champions and was a member of the Champions. She is the last fairy on Earth. Despite being centuries old, she looks like a teenager with wings. She is super fast, super strong, nature-manipulating powers and a magic spear. She also cannot touch cold iron. 
  • Rainbow Triumph- She is a member of the New Champions. She is a teen girl with bio tech implants that give her several physical powers such as super speed. She has to take special medicine every couple of hours. 
  • Mr. Mystic- He is a member of the New Champions. He dresses like a stage magician. His powers are never defined. He proves completely superficial to the plot.
  • Feral- He is a member of the New Champions and was a member of the Champions. He is a literal cat man. 
The story has 21 chapters. The chapters switches between the super heroine Fatale and super villain Doctor Impossible. While the book uses comic book cliches, the cliches are used in realistic and unusual fashions, For example, the super villains are portrayed as simply being people that reject social norms. The book also deconstructs the superhero genre. For example, the New Champions treat their superhero work as routine and normal everyday occurrences. Each of the chapters are references to cliches or famous superheroes teams such as "Foiled Again" and "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" (the Avengers).
Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman

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