Friday, July 26, 2013


Rex was part of a poor family. However, his family agreed to a deal where a government agent gave them a luxurious life in exchange for their son Rex. Rex was trained to be a soldier. He also was experimented on to give him superhuman abilities. He performed various missions for the agent until he ran away for unknown reason. After discovering his family had moved on, he helped form the Teen Team. He was first seen helping Invincible and the rest of the Teen Team stop the Mauler Twins. Invincible quickly began to think Rex was a jerk. Rex had relationship Atom Eve, but this ended due to Rex cheating with their teammate Dupli-Kate. After the original Guardians of the Globe were killed, Rex was among the heroes trying out for the second Guardians of the Globe team. Despite fighting with Monster Girl, he was allowed to join. Rex ended his relationship with Kate when she cheated on him with fellow member Immortal. Robot transferred his mind to a clone of Rex. While most of the team was fighting alien called the Sequids, Rex, Kate and Shrinking Ray fought the Lizard League. Rex, despite the fact they ultimately won, lost his arm and had to get it replace by a robotic one. Rex started to become much more mature and serious about being a superhero. Upon hearing Invincible and Atom Eve getting together, Rex (much to Eve's surprise) was okay with it and wished them well. After Invincible stopped working for the government, Rex (with Robot, Monster Girl and Bulletproof) left the Guardians and recreated the Teen Team. Rex blew himself up (thus killing himself) to kill an version of Invincible from another universe in order to save his teammates.
Rex-Splode's main power is his ability to alter inorganic materials' chemical makeup thus causing them to explode. He also had limited superhuman strength and durability. His robot hand could fire exploding projectiles.

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