Friday, July 12, 2013


Shaloman was a superhero created by Al Wiesner. He did so because felt there weren't a lot of Jewish superheroes that were also role-models. Shaloman hasn't been in print since 2012.
Three wise men (not the ones you are thinking of) decided to use magic to give a Shin (a Hebrew letter)-shaped rock the power to become Shaloman. Shaloman's goal is to fight evil. As such, when the innocent call out for help (usually "Ov vey!"), the rock into the superhero Shaloman. He has a sidekick Shalomboy, a boy with bionic limbs. 
He has super strength, invulnerability and flight. He can survive in the vacuum of space. He is fast enough to create vortexes. He has "sensor vision" (a mix of night and telescopic vision). He has super hearing that is strong enough to hear enough in the world when he is above it. He displayed telepathy, but it only was used / mentioned in a single issue. In one issue, he encountered a substance, called "She-nite", which hasn't been seen since.

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