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I decided to talk about more Astro City characters. However unlike Leo (who appeared in one issue), Jack-in-the-Box(es) are major characters.
Jack Johnson was an African American working at a toy company, Whamco, in the 1960s. However, he was a victim of racism. When he discovered that his toys were being used for criminal purposes, Jack protested. His boss fired him and kidnapped his dad. Jack became the superhero, Jack-in-the-Box, to save him. After he defeated Whamco and freed his dad, Jack decided to remain a superhero. He married and had a son, Zachary Johnson. The villain Underlord finally managed to kill Jack when he was caught in an explosion. Underlord was assumed dead, but was actually alive.
Zachary Johnson was the son of the original Jack-in-the-Box. After his mother died, Zachary discovered Jack's superhero identity and stuff when he was looking through their stuff with the intent to sell it. Figuring out Underlord was alive, he became the second Jack-in-the-Box (wearing an identical costume). Despite Zack lying by saying he was the original, the public questioned if this Jack-in-the-Box was the same or a new one. Zack took down the Underlord. He remained a hero and became a toy company owner. Zack married television news personality Tamra Dixon and told her of his alter ego. Zack encountered Box and Jackson, who are his son from two possible futures. Tamra told him they were going to have a child. Wanting to avoid his son becoming Box or Jackson, he decided to train Roscoe James (the Trouble Boy founder) to become Jack-in-the-Box III.
Roscoe James was a founder of the Trouble Boys (a gang that helps Jack-in-the-Box). He became a friend of Jack-in-the-Box II. Zack offered Roscoe a chance to become Jack-in-the-Box. Roscoe was seen defeating Brass Monkey.
All the Jack-in-the-Boxes had similar abilities and weapons. They all were extremely acrobatic and agile. They were deductive and inventive with the exception of Roscoe.
They all used the same weapons. They had "handsprings" and "footapaults", boots and gloves that can extend themselves. In the case of the footapaults, this can launch the user into the air or acts a stilts. They have entangling streamers, which act like Spider-Man's web-fluid. They has "electro-noses", which are noses when placed on people shock them until they are unconscious.
Supporting Characters
  • Tamra Dixon- She is an anchorwoman for Channel 3's Morning News. She is also the wife of Jack-in-the-Box II. 
  • Trouble Boys- They are an athletic group that was founded by Roscoe James. They try to help Zack, but also sometimes complicates situations according to Zack. 
  • Jerome Johnson- He is a possible future version of Zach's son. Unlike Box and Jackson, he is stable individual. He is a college professor.
  • The Box- He is a version of Zack's son from a possible future. When he discovered his dad (who had died) was a hero, he turned himself into a cyborg with robotic legs and an arm with a killer puppet in order to fight crime. He killed criminals mercilessly. He went back in time to kill Jack for not stopping enough crime in his time, but was by Jack captured via a magent. The effect of time travel wore off and he was sent back.
  • Jackson- He is a version of Zack's son from another possible future. He was raised by a cult called the Brothers of Troubles. He misinterperted his father's wisecracks as domga and thought he was a murderous superhero. Wanting to live up his father's legacy, he mutated to have claws, acid-emitting veins and possibly super agility and became a murderous superhero. He went back in time and tried to kill Jack for not living up to his expections. However, Jack froze him and he was sent back to the future when the time travelling wore off. 
  • Prospero- He is an incarcerated villain.
  • Brass Monkey- He was a normal human. However, his mind was transferred into a metal statue of a monkey. He appears to be super strong and durable. He has henchmen called Gorilla Men.
  • The Deacon- He is the head of crime families in Astro City. However, he avoided actually being convicted for his various crimes.
  • Steeljack- He was a criminal and Terrifying Three member that fought Jack-in-the-Box I. However, he eventually gave up his criminal ways.
  • "Eyes" Eisenstein- He is a small-time crook that accidentally figured out Zack was Jack-in-the-Box. He ultimately fled the city due to his paranoia.
  • Middleman- He is a gunrunner and smuggler. 
  • Human Weasel- He is a villain inspired by the song Pop Goes the Weasel. As his name suggests, his has a weasel-like appearance. He has short stature.
  • Junkman- He is aged villain who lost his job because of his age. The latter being his motive to commit crimes. He used gadgets built out of discarded garbage.  
  • Smokes and Mirrors- He is a villain that has illusion-creating powers. However, he was incarcerated.
  • The Underlord- He was a villain that killed Jack-in-the-Box I, but Jack-in-the-Box II defeated him.
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