Sunday, July 21, 2013

Captain Enviro

Captain Enviro murdering an alien trying to prevent the excitation of his race.
Here is an another PSA that features a near-useless superhero as the lead.
The natives of Polluto are dying because they need pollution to live, but (for some reason) the planet is becoming too clean. Instead of re-polluting their planet, the Royal Pollutian Filth Force is sent to find and pollute a new planet. They go to Earth and start in Canada. Captain Enviro is teaching kids about how to save the environment when he is called away to fight the aliens. Captain Enviro starts fighting the aliens. When Enviro is dazed, the alien force feeds him a drug that makes him want to pollute the world. As such, he tells the kids to pollute, which they do. After two kids realize something is wrong, a random kid accidentally hit him on the head with a bottle. This somehow negates the effect of the drug (thus making the two kids pointless). Enviro tells the kids to stop polluting (which they do instantly). Captain Enviro murders the aliens with clean water. Afterwards, Enviro preaches about saving the environment.
Titular Character
Captain Enviro is a superhero that wears a green-light green costume, an utility belt (which he doesn't use) and a yellow baseball cap (with a stylized "E" on it). He is obsessed with saving the environment. His only super power is the ability to fly at superhuman speed (shown by him being able to fly from Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick in what appears to be minutes or seconds). The lack of origin story leaves the source of this ability a mystery. Oddly, the Captain himself is drawn in a fairly realistic style (compared to other superhero comics), but all the other humans are drawn in a more cartoonish style.

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