Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Street Fighter (Malibu Comics)

I have rarely talked about comic book adaptions of the other media. So, I will talk the infamous Malibu Comics Street Fighter comics. The series only lasted three issues because Capcom was unhappy with adaption and pulled the plug on series.
In issue one, Sagat, having joined the criminal organisation Shadaloo, is tormented by Ryu's defeat. M. Bison (the leader of Shadaloo) encourages his hatred of Ryu and tells them to get at Ryu by attacking his friends. Meanwhile, Ryu finds Chun-Li has joined Interpol to get revenge on M. Bison (who killed her father) and Ken has become more obsessed with fame and fortune than training. After Ken shot movie, Balrog (a Shadaloo member) attacks Ken. Ken barely defeats Balrog. Afterwards, Sagat appears and challenges Ken.
In the issue two, Ken and Sagat fight.
In issue 3, Ryu gets Ken's scalp in the mail implying Sagat killed Ken. Other fighters hear about Ken's fate and want to avenge him. Meanwhile, E. Honda (a Japanese sumo wrestler) has a friendly fighting match with the Ferret (a Malibu superhero). Afterwards, he leaves to try to avenge Ken. Bison drives Sagat to become more vicious and tries to prevent him from feeling guilty. Ken and Ryu's old master Sheng Long, who was poisoned, is being cared for by an enigmatic woman named "Nida". The issue end with notes about what the creator would have done with future issue had the series not ended.

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