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Titan fighting Thor Kid with Bolt watching
Bolt is told to show Thor Kid the ropes at Capes Inc (a team of superheroes, who being a superhero is their job). Big Brain is told by an unseen person that the company is losing funding. Captain Cosmic reappears after being assumed dead for fifteen or sixteen years (both dates are used). Despite most being concerned, Bolt (who has seen this all before) simply shrugs it off. Bolt and Thor Kid save Machine Head (a mob boss) from being killed by Titan. A cyborg with a swastika on his chest breaks out his prison cell. Commander and Bolt see a news report that says there is a massive super villain jailbreak. The next day, Bolt is attacked by an unnamed villain. After the Comet Twins explained their back story, Captain Cosmic gets mad at the Commander, who won't pay him for the time he was absent in. Thor Kid and Knockout fought an armored villain while Bolt and Commander fought the super strong Doc Cancer. However, they convince the villains to fight each other. Thor Kid goes on a date with Knockout. The next day, the cyborg attacks Capes Inc. and kills several members (including one of the Comet Twins). Knockout discovers Big Brain is using his powers despite claiming he lost his powers. Big Brain explains his plan, merges with cyborg and flies away. A month later, Capes Inc. is recovering (using funding they got to fight Big Brain) and the remaining Comet Twin is CEO.
Capes Inc. Members
  • Comet Twins- They are two elderly superheroes that were active during World War II. Along with Big Brain, they founded Capes Inc. They used to be rivals. However, they exposed to a meteor that makes it so they have to been within 30 feet of each other to retain their powers. They have super strength, invulnerability and flight. One of them (they aren't named) dies and the other became the new CEO. 
  • Big Brain- He was a World War II superhero as kid hero. He came up with the company. He used a Nazi weapon he found (the cyborg) to create a threat in order to earn funding for the team. He lied about his losing power to avoid suspicion. He reactive it again and is forced to flee when he found out. He has telekinesis. This power increases with age.
  • Thor Kid- He is a main protagonist. His ancestors made a copy of Mj√∂lnir for Thor to use when he lost the original. When Thor got the original back, he gave back the copy. It passed on for generations. Thor Kid is the current bearer of the hammer. He is a newcomer to the team. 
  • Knockout- She is a member that use boxing gloves that give her super strength and invulnerability. She becomes a love interest for Thor Kid. She wears a costume to make her bust size look bigger (which gets her more cash). 
  • Captain Cosmic- He was a superhero in the late '80s. Due to a battle with the time-travelling Chronodile, he was launched 15 or 16 (both times are stated) years in the future. He discovered his wife spent all his money and got remarried. 
  • Bolt- He is a main protagonist. He was struck by lightning. This gave him super strength (and seemly super durability). He acts as a mentor to Thor Kid and is desensitized to a degree when it comes the weirdness of superheroes.  
  • Commander Capitalism- He is an older patriotic superhero. He has old fashion values (which managed to angered Bolt's wife). Despite this, he is well liked by his teammates,
  • Claire Voyant- She is a member that hits on male members.
Capes issue 1-3

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