Thursday, December 19, 2013


Clockwise: Solomon (left), Ocean, two civilians, Orbit, Ooze,
Overkill, Obituary and Ocelt
O-Force was created as a reality television show. Solomon O'Sullivan was their press agent. They had a battle on screen and show it across the national. X-Statix believed that the mission was little more than a set-up to make them look good. Solomon O'Sullivan (via his thought balloons) revealed this was true. The team discovered the reality-warper Arnie Lundberg had took over a small town. Despite warnings from Orphan, they decided to fight Arnie. However, they get beaten by Arnie and his army of the undead until X-Statix came to save them. X-Statix convinced Arnie to become a good guy and heal Ocean's leg.
  • Overkill- It appeared he cared very little for his teammates. In fact, he abandoned Ocean to die. He can project energy. 
  • Ocean- Her legs were blown off (and later regenerated) by Arnie. She can control water.
  • Orbit- He doesn't talk a lot. He can project energy to disrupt people's equilibrium and fly.
  • Obituary- He appears to have superhuman strength (since he shattered a helmet).
  • Ocelet- He had a body covered over with fur. 
  • Ooze- He has grey skin and an odd head.

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