Sunday, December 22, 2013


What a weird costume
A long time ago, I talked about a Dell Comic superhero based on Frankenstein. However, he wasn't the only superhero they had based on a classic horror monster. There were two more: Werewolf and today's subject Dracula.
Our hero's real name never revealed aside from being called "Count Dracula". He lived in an old castle, where he did experiments on bats. He accidentally drank a special chemical that gave him bat powers. Dracula came a superhero in order to redeem the image of his family (although since his identity is a secret  I have no idea what he hoped to achieve). He fled Romania when the Soviets took over. He went to America and adopted the identity Al U. Card (at least it wasn't "Doctor Acrula"). Fleeta, his female lab assistant, became the his sidekick and gained similar power. However, this happened in the final issue.
He is able to transform into a bat. He can control bats. He also has ultrasonic hearing.

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