Friday, December 27, 2013

Herman Smirch

Herman at a diner
As part of the Nintendo Comics System, there was a Game Boy comic book. The basic plot was Tatanga (the villain from Super Mario Land) and his armies would invade (with help of Herman) the "real" world then the heroes of the story would summon Mario stop them. Herman Smirch is the only human character that appears in all four issues.
Herman got a job at an electronic store. He stole from the store he worked for. Herman was mind controlled by Tatanga. Tatanga managed to get Herman to sent him and his army to Earth. However, nearby two teenagers freed Mario, who drove the villains back into the game. After an unknown amount of time, Herman was convinced by his mom to give up gaming. In a rare moment of kindness, he gave two girls his Game Boy. Despite this, he was hypnotized by Tatanga again (who forced to him to steal another Game Boy) and forced to free the villains. After Smirch made an off-hand suggestion about going to Disney World, Tatanga had Herman steal a jet (and later a shuttle). After the shuttle crashed in Disney World, Smirch ran away. He hid in his mother's house from the police. Unfortunately, the two girls' mother mailed the Game Boy back. Smirch ran away to Wyoming and was forced to release the villains. They later ended up China and set up shop. One of the teens from the first issue freed Mario. Aided by naval weaponry (Tatanga had taken land that was actually owned by America thus unintentionally declaring war), Mario defeated Tatanga and forced Herman to flee. In the last issue, Smirch got a job at Seaside Heights and was forced to free the villains again. Unlike the other issues, Herman disappeared from the plot.
Herman Smirch is extremely selfish and rude. For example, he declared "Beggars should be shot!" after asked for money by a homeless veteran. Herman stole several Game Boys when he felt he was underpaid. However, he has at least once showed a good side to his personality (although the act would later come back to bite him in the back).

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