Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Here he is in his rip-off glory.
What would Batman be like if he was evil? Aside from the Joker. Aside from Owlman. Aside from Prometheus. This post is about Wrath.
Wrath's parents, two wannabe burglars, were killed by then-rookie cop James Gordon (in self-defense) on the same night that Batman's parents were killed (June 26th). This would led the boy (his real name was never revealed) to become Wrath. Because Gordon is friends with Batman, this led Wrath to adopt an evil Batman motif to get under Gordon's skin. Wrath started off doing hits and fell in love with Grayle Hudson, who is a daughter of one of Gotham's mob boss. Eventually, Wrath attempted to kill Gordon. However, Batman stopped his various attempts on James' life. Wrath figured out Batman's alter ego and defiled his parent's grave. This led to Batman to investigate while Wrath attacked Alfred. Later, Wrath kidnapped Leslie Thompkins and said he would only give up Leslie for Gordon. When Batman arrived with Gordon, Wrath naturally shot Gordon. However, this turned out to be a ruse. Wrath and Batman fought. During the fight, Wrath accidentally activated an incendiary device and fell into the resulting fire thus killing him.
Powers and Abilities
Like Batman, Wrath has no powers. To make up for this, Wrath used fighting skills and weapon mastery (especially when it comes to knives and firearms). His weapons included bombs, a grappling gun and retractable claws on his gloves and boots. He was also a skilled bomb-maker.

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