Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Clockwise: Roxy (top left), Fairchild,
Burnout, Rainmaker (?) and Grunge
Original Team
International Operations created a "government internship" project for gifted youths. Among the student was Caitlin Fairchild. Her power manifested and her body became denser and stronger. She fled the compound with Grunge (who can absorb the properties of objects he touches), Roxy Spaulding (who has gravity control) and the psionic Threshold (who was in disguise). Later, the fire-manipulating Burnout and weather-controlling Rainmaker. It turned out the project was a prison-like testing ground for "gen-active" people (think mutants from X-Men). Threshold convinced the team to return to the base as part of a trap. John Lynch and Pitt helped the students escape to La Jolla, California. John Lynch formed the Gen¹³ (since they are the 13th American generation) team the ex-students and became the mentor of the team.
They also discovered several important things. They learned about Team 7 (who had been part of Gen 12). Roxy and Fairchild turned out be half-sisters. Lynch was revealed to be Burnout's dad.
Worldstorm Reboot
The team was updated and modernized often losing many of the dated 90s aspects. The people testing on the "gen-active" people was changed to the subcontractor Tabula Rasa (which was controlled by the sadistic Doctor Cross). Cross artificially engineered Gen¹³. The team members were now children kidnapped from employees of the company.
World's End
After attempt to escape International Operations, Gen¹³ were accidentally flung into the future. They attempted to discover how survive in this world and what caused this.

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