Friday, December 13, 2013

Doctor Strange

The original Strange threatening the world
What? You thought I was going to talk about the sorcerer supreme? No. I'm talking about the original Doctor Strange: an one-shot Iron Man villain.
He (his real name was never mentioned) was struck by a bolt lightning. This "increased the electrical power of [his] mind". He was arrested for an unknown crime. We first see him in prison. He faked dizziness to get near a machine. He rigged it so he would control over Iron Man. Iron Man (unwillingly) freed Strange. After returning to his base and his daughter, he threatened the world with his "S-Bomb". As such, the world's nations launched nukes at his base (which survived via a dome force field). Iron Man burrowed underground to get into the base. He destroyed the power source of the base, but drained the energy in his suit in the process. However, Strange's daughter, Carla, decided Strange was a worthless jerk and (wanting to rebel) gave Iron Man a flashlight. Iron Man used the batteries to revive himself. He then captured Doctor Strange.
Powers and Abilities
According to Strange, the lightning bolt "increased the electrical power of [his] mind". This made more intelligent (possibly to superhuman levels). He is a skilled technician. He has a base that can generate nuke-proof force fields. It is never explained if he built the equipment in the base or somehow acquired it.
Marvel Essential Iron Man volume 1

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