Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bizarro No.1 (Earth-One)

Every villain wish they could have their own mindless "Superman". One day, Lex Luthor tried to make this dream real (and failed). He built a Duplicator Ray. However when he tired on Superman, he create a twisted version of him. Bizarro (the clone) had the reverse thought-process of Superman (he acts the reverse of Superman). He had flight, Ice-vision (as opposed to Heat-vision), Flame-breathe (as opposed to Ice-breathe) and invulnerability. However in the process of Bizarro's creation, it also created blue kryptonite. While this has no effect on the Man of Steel, it's lethal to Bizarro (like "normal" kryptonite is to Superman). He took of the Bizarro World, when Bizarro No.2 died. This version of Bizarro was erased from the DC continuity because of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. This version is also the most famous, although he not the first (in an earlier adventure Bizarro-Superboy-like clone appeared that destroyed in his first appearance).


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