Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Mask I-II

What is has a green head, juggernaut-like powers and little or no sanity? The Mask! Stanley Ipkiss was a neurotic and weak man that decided to buy his girlfriend, Kathy, a gift. He decided to buy her a jade mask. The mask started to talk to him! The mask convinced him to try it on. It turned him into a wacky, green-skinned headed man with superhuman psychical abilities (super agility, endurance etc.), reality warping, super intelligence and no self-control or sanity. He took revenge on everyone from the motor mechanics (that overcharge him a lot) to his first grade teacher. The media calls him "Big Head" (because the mask makes his head look large). He takes it off and a becomes aware of what happen. Due to a mysterious side-effect, he started to act abusive toward Kathy. So, she kick him out, but keeps the mask (since it was a gift). Stanley broke into Kathy's house (to steal the mask), but he was confronted by police. Putting on the mask, he killed most of them. He returned home and took off the mask, only to be killed by Kathy (who figured out who the Mask is). She gives the mask to Lt. Kellyaway and warns him about it. Not listening to what Kathy said he tried it on (as a joke). He becomes Big Head and decided to get revenge on the city crime lords (extremely violently). After nearly killing his friend (who was trying to stop him), he realize what he was doing and runs away. He buries the mask in with cement in his basement and vows to never use it again.


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