Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brother Power the Geek

Brother Power is probably the weirdest comic hero I've ever blogged about.
Brother Power was a mannequin in an empty tailor shop. Two hippies (Paul Cymbalist and Nick Cranston) took over and dressed in hippie clothes that were "wet and bloodied" to stop shrinking. Eventually, they abandon the shop later. Somehow when stuck by lightning it animated (brought to life) the mannequin. Brother Power was captured and forced to be in the "Psychedelic Circus". After escaping, another hippie named Cindy gave him a face and he ran (and failed) for president. His misadventures in trying to find a job inspired hippies to do the same. He got a job at the J. P. Acme Corporation. He was last seen being launch into space after trying to stop a rocket launch.
Power and Abilities
He is a unique form of "pseudo-life". Because he is cloth dummy full of rags and is supported by framework inside of him, he is resistant to harm and is pliable. The lightning that animated him gave him super strength, speed and jumping ability. He can also absorb electricity.

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