Saturday, December 5, 2009

Heroes of Lallor

Duplicate Boy, Evolvo Lad, Gas Girl, Life Lass and Beast Boy
These champions of justice have powers that rival even the Legion of Super Heroes! Each of the original members (seen above) were roughly born about the same time. They all had super powers due to their parents being exposed to atomic radiation. They were raised by the dictatorship government of Lallor, but were banished for disagreeing with the government's
actions. They were trick by a villain, related to the Jungle King (a foe killed by the Legion), to attack the Legion. But, the government of Lallor was overthrown, so the 5 heroes went back home. Beast Boy died, while leading an animal revolt against the humans. The remaining member help out the Legion several times. They have one post-Zero Hour appearance, where they can't help the Legion due trouble on Lallor. Original members were:
  • Duplicate Boy- Ord Quelu (also called vise versa) is able to duplicate super powers.
  • Evolvo Lad- Sev Tcheru is able to turn into a super-smart superhuman (with a oversized cranium) or a super strong ape-like beast.
  • Gas Girl- Tal Nahii is able to turn into any gas or vapor.
  • Life Lass- Somi Gan can animate (bring to life) any inanimate object.
  • Beast Boy- IIshu Nor can turn into any animal. Not to be confused with the Teen Titan / Doom Patrol member of the same name.

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