Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lobo the Duck

Beware of merciless anamorphic duck bounty hunter. Lobo the Duck is amalgam of Lobo and Howard the Duck. He was hired to solve the murders of hero including Doctor Strangefate, Super Soldier, Aqua Mainer, Dare the Terminator and Hawkhawk. He battled various super villains including Doctor Bongface and Gold Kidney-Lady. However, he accidentally caused G.K.L. to fall on the switch that activated her doomsday device. Sadly, the ultimate fate of Lobo is unrevealed (because it was planned for it to be reveal in his second issue, which was canceled).
Minor Characters
  • Al Forbush-He is the owner of Al Forbush's Subterranean Diner. He is mix of the Forbush Man and Al.

  • Ambush the Lunatik- He is a fellow bounty hunter that angered Lobo (bad move!). So Lobo ate him. He is a mix of Lunatik and Ambush Bug

  • Bevarlene- She is Lobo's girlfriend that he swore to aways love in the fake Gaint-Size Bat-Thing # 6. But, he still dated other women. Although, this gets her really uspet, she always come back to Lobo. She is a mix of Beverly Switzler and Darlene.

  • Billie the Mille (Millie the Model and Billy the Girl) and Gamorola (Gamora and Shoa-La)- They are two fellow female bounty hunter that try to date Lobo. But, Bevarlene doesn't like this.

  • Daryl Rutabaga- He is a bounty hunter was trapped in space by his brother, so he broke his brother's jaw. He is a mix of Space Turnip and Jonas Glim.

  • Doctor Bongface- Using the Crystal Rod of Doom, he "capture and creamed" Lobo's fellow bounty hunters. So Lobo trapped him on the Moon. So, his henchmen tried to gather the dead bodies of heroes, so they'll give him the power he needs escape (don't ask how that works). He is a mix of Doctor Bong and Scarface.

  • Gold Kidney-Lady- She is the leader of a kidney-obsessed cult. She killed the heroes. Lobo shot her to death, but caused her to fall on the activation switch of her doomsday device. She is a mix of Kidney Lady and Goldstar.

  • Godthing-Godthing is partly responsible for saving the Earth in the unpublished Lobo the Duck # 2. He is mix of the Chair Thing and Gawd.

  • Kidnoids- They are a kidney-obsessed cult that G.K.L. leads.

  • Impossible Dawg- He is Lobo's green, dog-like pet. He can change his appearance to look like characters from the Marvel and DC uinverse like Spiderman and Wonder Woman. He is a mix of the Impossible Man and Dawg.

  • Jonas Turnip- He is a fellow male bounty hunter that knew that G.K.L. killed the heroes, but he was shot in the jaw by his brother.

  • The Offensive Society- A team that Gold Kidney-Lady killed. Lobo is hired to solve their murders. They're a mix of the Defenders and the Justice society of America.

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