Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mr. Mighty

Mr. Mighty is so famous almost nobody has ever heard of him. Although technically we don't what he real origin is, he claims was an alien named Barb-Ell, the son of Dumb-Ell (a Jor-El parody), from the planet Neon (a reference to how Krypton is also the name of an element). The citizens of Neon ignored Dumb-Ell's warning the planet was going to explode! So, he launch his son into space. However, it turned out that Dumb-Ell was just a crackpot and the planet didn't explode! The next part, we know to be true. He founded (on Earth) the Freedom Brigade with his fellow superhero parodies (in case you haven't figured out MM is a Superman-parody): the Bowman (Green Arrow parody), Captain Swift (Flash), Lady Liberty (Miss America), the Mermaid (Aquaman), the Patriot (Uncle Sam) and Princess Power (Wonder Woman). He had the alter ego of Mr. Brent (first name unknown). He married Mermaid and had a son Leaner Brent a.k.a Awkward Man (a member of the Inferior Five). Mr. Mighty joined the staff of Dean Egghead's Academy for Super-Heroes (a parody of Professor Xavier's school for mutants), after about 20 years of retirement.

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