Friday, December 11, 2009

Mister X

What would a mix of Martian Manhunter and Charles Xavier be like? Amalgam Comics decided to find out! Mr. X (J' onn J' onzz / Marco Xavier) was a telepathic shapeshifter that agree to help the JLX in their trek to find Atlantis. He used his telepathy to direct the JLX in battle and began a friendship with Aqua-Mariner (Aquaman and Sub-Mariner mix). Eventually, he and rest of the team found Atlantis, but they also found a fight with Will Mangus. During the battle, it was revealed Marco was a Skrull from Mars that fled to Earth. At first the JLX interpreted his as a deception, but Aqua-Mariner pointed out "that who judge are judged themselves".

Marvel Chronicles

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