Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mister Mind

This guy is not a Spider-Ham character.
Earth Two
The telepathic, work-like Mr. Mind came to Earth, because he enjoyed the planet's radio broadcasts especially
Charlie McCarthy. After learning Charlie didn't exist, he decided to conquer the Earth. He formed the Monster Society of Evil with Dummy (a living puppet), Ramulus (control plants), Mr. Who (super strong shapeshifter) (not to be confused with Doctor Who), Oom (an animated statue with magic powers) and Nyola (magic-using Aztec priestess). But, they quickly turned on him and he fled to Earth S. Without a leader, the All-Star Squadron creamed them.
Captain Marvel Adventures: "Nightmares From Now On"
On Earth S (in the 1940s), he conquer most of space and parts of Earth. So, he formed a massive version of the Monster Society including (but wasn't limited to) Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Captain Nazi (super strong), Doctor Sivana (a mad scientist), Dr. Smashi, Monster Students and the satyr Archibald. After stopping their mad plans, Earth-S Captain Marvel captured Mister Mind, which ultimately lead to the team's disband.
Return to the Society
After being electrocuted, his alien physiology put him into suspended animation and people thought he was dead. So when he woke, a taxidermist was going to stuff him! He stopped the taxidermist and made him make a fake, stuffed "Mr. Mind". So, he reformed the Society for the 3rd time with Dr. Sivana, IBAC, George and Siviana Jr. (Doctor Siviana's kids). They entered Mary and Uncle Marvel's dreams and terrorize them. But were stopped, when Uncle Marvel dreamt about the Marvels. Dr. Sivana was sent to prison, causing their disband.
The Society Strikes Back
Mr. Mind for the umpteenth time reformed the society. This time with the inhabits of 247 planets, Black Marvel (has the power of SHAZAM), Dr. Sivana, IBAC, Mister Atom (has nuclear-based powers), King Kull (has super strenght and intellgence) and Oggar (an immortal wizard). They tried to conquer the world (again!) and nearly successed.
World's Funniest
During a duel between Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk, Mr. Mind reformed the team with Black Adam, Captain Nazi, Dr. Sivana, Evil Eye, Goat-Man, IBAC, Jeepers, Mister Atom, Mr. Banjo, unnamed Crocodile-men and silhouettes.
Power of Shazam!
After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Mr. Mind in WW II tried be a scout for an invasion on Earth for Venus, only to be stop by Golden Age heroes. Decades later, he tried to conquer the Earth with Siviana and a army of Venus "worms". Captain and Mary Marvel killed all the worms expect for Mister Mind and put him in a superhuman prison, only to escape via the robotic Mr. Atom. He tried to clone him self to control the world's citizens, only to be stopped by the Green Lanterns.
JSA and 52
He tried to overthrow the government of Kahndaq with Black Adam's Monster Society team only to be stop by the Atom. In the 52 series, he causes many time paradoxes. He kidnapped Booster Gold's robot Skeet to use as a cocoon, while he turned into a giant moth-like alien. After a long hunt, Rip Hunter shrinks and "freezes" Mr. Mind.
Booster Gold
After escaping, Mr. Mind (in larva form) took over Booster's dad and allied himself with Ultra-Humanite, Per Degaton, Despero and Black Beetle. He later forced out of his host's body and is step on (and seemly killed) by Ted Kord.
Powers and Abilities
  • Larva Form- As a Larva, Mister Mind was a powerful telepathy. He also spin a super-strong silk at high speeds. He was also long lived.
  • "Moth" Form- He was a "hyperfly" (with increased space and time-controlling abilities) that "feeds" on the timelines in one universe. He was able to make 52 (exactly the same) timelines completely different (actually eating their history).

After being forced to return back to this larva form, he gains the power to reproduce asexually. But do to so, he needs a host to breed his "clones".


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