Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Viking Prince

The Viking Prince is the stuff of legends, but for a long time nobody knew why! In The Brave and the Bold issue 1-26, he was a amnesiac viking that a captain called "Jon". Despite the efforts of Thorvald, he regain his memory and learned he was the heir of a viking throne (his father was King Rikk) and Thorvald was next to be king if he couldn't. "Jon" had to do the "12 tasks of Thor" to regain his throne. It's unknown if he did so. However, Our Army at War # 162 claimed he was banned from Valhalla (Norse Heaven) by Odin (the king of the Norse gods), unless he died a heroic death. But, Odin gave him immunity to every known weapon. He somehow was frozen until World War II, where he was killed by plastic explosive (which weren't invented in the Prince's time). This version was adapted for the modern DC continuity (although in this he was teleported by a time warp instead of being frozen). In Birds of Prey # 29 (part of the modern continuity), Black Canary was sent to the 12th century were she met and had a short relationship with the Viking Prince (named Jon Haraldson here), before she returned to the 21st century. Jon took a bullet for meant Black Canary. He somehow survived and was describe as "mourning a love lost to time". In The War That Time Forgot mini-series, he is one of the many warriors from across time that appear.

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