Thursday, August 13, 2009

Barry Hubris

Barry's original appearance in the Tick issue 12.
Barry Hubris decided to become a "hero" for all the wrong reasons. He couldn't think of his own superhero name so he used the name "The Whirling Scottish Devil" and battle the real Whirling Scottish Devil (the later Red Scare) for the name and won. But he got bored of that later and had other superhero name: "Cheese Wizard", "the Littlest Girl Scout", "Captain 2x4", "the Beachnik" and "the Buttery Lobster". The Mighty Agrippa, Roman God of the Aqueduct revealed Barry never had a original name: he stole his name from other heroes and beat them up for their name. Barry became mentally unstable when Dr. Freakmaker lobotomized Barry's dog / sidekick, the Host. After escaping a mental institution, he became the Tick. Then he battled the real Tick for the name. Unlike the battle with the Whirling Scottish Devil, Barry lost, the Tick got limited access to the Hubris Manor (Barry's mansion) and Barry's former "Tick Cave" and superhero stuff (Tick broke most of it, making him even more unstable). Barry got so mad at the Tick, he got the Evileers (see the Tick blog) to attack the Tick. To get the name "the Tick", he has tried to kill the Tick. He later used his own name "the Louse", but still tried to kill the Tick. Barry has superhuman strength and endurance (that rival the Tick) and an Tick-Shield (it has gas shooters; acid shooters and crushing power that is amplified-electronically), that was built by a mad scientist Prof. Cromedome.

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