Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter from Lego Batman: The Video Game

Jervis Tech is truly as mad as a hatter!
Mental Illness
Jervis Tech is highly delusional, paranoid and suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (a mental disorder causing unwanted thoughts, which can lead to obsessions and compuslion). He has psychotic maniac depression, which can cause him to be homicidal. He also thinks of himself more of a child than a man. He also has show schizophrenia and can't tell the different between reality and the Wonderland book. He has also become strangely fascinated in hats (he won't eat anything without a hat on it). Despite all of this he is a technology genius.
Jervis Tech was a small man that tried to rob a yatch club, but Batman stops him. This was his only "Golden Age" appearance. He would reappear looking completely different. But this was revealed to be an impostor. Later the real Mad Hatter came back and said he kill the impostor (later revealed to be untrue). He soon invented the mind-controlling hat, he's famous for. After alot of failed tries to defeat Batman and successful escapes from the Arkham Asylum, he briefly joined the Secret Society of Super Villains. Then he joined the Secret Six. He saved them from the wrath of Dr. Psycho and the Doom Patrol. While battling Vandal Savage, he saved Ragdoll's life. So the S.S., in return, say he's their friend, making him extremely happy. Then he tells them how he feels, only to have Ragdoll push him off a building and seemly to his death. Later it turned out he was alive and vowed to get revenge on the Secret Six. He hid in the "Iceberg Lounge", in hopes the Suicide Squad wouldn't find him. They did and sent him to planet "Salvation". He later killed Ragdoll's sister, in the hopes of killing the S.S, but failed. The Hatter used one of his hats to jump from a bridge into water to escape the Secret Six.

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