Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Heroes in the "Tick Universe"

The Tick is not the only hero in the "Tick Universe". Here are some memorable heroes:

  • Paul the Samurai- He is a modern samurai (although he is very clueless about current modern technology). He is completely loyal to the code of the samurai. His arch-enemy is Sagin the Wolf. After the going to the City in the Million Zillion, he discovered he didn't have enough money to go back to Japan. So he became a hero of the City. He also got a job at as a janitor. He learned the shocking truth: Sagin is his BROTHER! Paul got his own spin of series.
  • The Civic-Minded Five- They are a Deertown team. Members are Radio King (he wears an old-fashion radio on his chest and can turn sound into solid objects), Fernslinger (He created by Radio King. From what the Chainsaw Ventilate said he could be shaped like plant before C.V. destroyed him), Feral Boy (acts like an animal and wears torn-up shorts), Mr. Envelope (has a gun that fires envelopes that trap enemies) and Oddman (has wires coming out of his mask). The hero-hating Chainsaw Ventilate thrashed them in the Tick issue 9.
  • Mighty Agrippa, Roman God of the Aqueduct- Agrippa was the last god to join the Roman Pantheon. He was later locked out of the home of the gods and found a note saying they left to "see about starting up something on Venus". He went to Earth and became a superhero. He has super strength, flight and (being god of the Aqueduct) water teleportion. He has an alter ego as a mild-manner plumer Dexter Fisk. His arch-enemy is Thrakkorzog. He later became an agent for the Tri-state Superhero Congress.
  • Caped Wonder- Clark Oppenheimer appear to be a normal reporter. But he is really a superhero born on the planet Ottercreek. Ottercreek was going to blow up so Clark's father Ban-al (the Tick mistaked for Marlon Brando) launch him into space. He got to Earth. He has invulnerability, flight, X-ray vision, super strength and heat-vision (note: only his invulnerability and super strength are shown and the others are only mentioned). However his Achilles' heel is Ottercreekite (a radioactive substance from his home world). He is a jerk to other heroes with "lesser powers" than his, especially the Tick. In the Tick issue 2, the Tick puts 2 and 2 together and learns the "Caped Wonder" is really Clark. The Tick (accidentally) gets a job at Clark's newpaper and though out the issue makes his life miserable. So Clark tries to kill him (but just K.O. him). The Caped Wonder has shown he goes into an uncontrollable, psycho fit of rage if angered.


The Tick Omnibus vol. 1 & 2,_Roman_God_of_the_Aqueduct

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