Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jack o' Lantern (Daniel Cormack)

Not to be confused with the Marvel Comics' Jack O' Lantern villain. Daniel Cormack had a very unusual origin story. He was a poor Irish farmer that was given a Green Lantern-like ring by a fairy. The ring gave him several Halloween-related powers: flight, flame projection, teleportation, illusion casting, enhanced strength, fog creation. He joined the Global Guardians. However the United Nations stop funding them in favor of the Justice League International. So the team disbanded. He decided to go bad and join the evil dictator Rumaan Harjavti's army. After the Queen Bee killed Rumaan, Jack O' Lantern join her to take over the world. But after being discovered by Doctor Mist, Jack helped reunit the new Global Guardians. He soon died of natural causes.

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