Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brainiac 5

He is the great-great-great grandson of the evil Brainiac! However he is a hero of the 30th century. Querl Dox is an orphaned Coluan with 12Th level intelligence (twice that of every human on Earth) due genetic tampering ("normal" Coluans only have 8th level intelligence), however strangely he is limited to normal human original thought and creativity. He joined the Legion of Super Heroes to atone for his descent's sins. He has built most of the Legion's equipment, computer called Comupto (that became homicidal) and a force field belt (shown here). An android (pretending to be Brainiac 5's father) drove him mad (he was already unstable) and Brainiac 5 tried use the Miracle Machine (has the power of a Green Lantern ring), but Matter-Eater Lad ate it (driving him insane too). They were both sent to a mad house. But Brainy gained his sanity and cure Matter-Eater Lad. Now in days, he is a invaluable member of the team.


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