Monday, August 17, 2009

The Tick and Arthur's unnamed Group

The Unname Team (Johnny Wingless and Caped Cod not shown)

This a team formed by the Tick and Arthur. They became a team after stopping the Ninjas' evil plot. They were funded by Barry's credit card (Rubber Bucky found it). They got themselves a nice HQ. The members are:

  • The Tick and Arthur- See the Tick Blog.
  • Crazy Blue Rocket and Johnny Wingless- The Blue Rocket was a great flying hero with a sidekick Johnny Wingless. But Johnny Wingless died (all that was left was his tongue) and cause the Blue Rocket to go mad. He started to think he was still in his glory days and Johnny still alive. He carried Johnny's tongue in jar and talked to it. If his illusion is challenged, he goes into a fit of psychosis. He joined the Tick and Arthur's unnamed team. Even the Tick can tell he's mad.
  • Running Guy- Jeff can "Run faster than 10 fast men". He hire the Red Scare (a rental super villain) from Villain Inc. for $5000 in issue 6, so he could get a reputation. But the Tick screwed that up. Despite that he later joined the group.
  • Rubber Ducky- He is Bumbling Bee's elastic boy friend.
  • Bumbling Bee- She has a "hive-gun" that fire honey and bee. But if broken, the Bee will attack anyone near by even other heroes.
  • Portuguese Man-of War- Warren Sr. had a sidekick Jelly Boy (his son). They were the Dynamic Duo of Deartown. But they were defeat by the Chainsaw Vigilante. His ex-wife sue him for the custody of his son and won. He became so depressed, he check himself into a mad house. But that place was destroyed, so he join the Tick and Arthur's group. He has whips with electric barbs.
  • The Caped Cod- He is a jerk that likes to get into fight (with villains preferably), gamble, smoke and drink. He had has 4 wives and sidekicks (all 8 of them left him). He didn't want to join the group, until he learned they had a woman on their team. He is prone to do mean and insensitive things.


Tick Specials: The Complete Works

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