Friday, August 28, 2009

The Brotherhood of Dada

No one is more dangerous than super-powered madmen! Eric Morden was kicked out of the Brotherhood of Evil and the Brain and Monsieur Mallah threatened to kill him if they saw him again. Morden agreed to take place in an experiment for a ex-Nazi scientist. Mordean was turned a "living shade" with the power to drive people insane. He also became insane too. He thought insane people were really sane and "normal" people were insane. Calling himself Mr. Nobody, he formed the Brotherhood of Dada. Mr. Nobody used this team to cause choas.Since Dada was an art movement that had artist made ugly art (as opposed to beautiful art), the name seemed to fit. The original members (pictured here) were:

  • Mr. Nobody- Eric Morden is now two-dimensional and has both insanity and power to drain sanity. He thinks the rest of the universe is mad or at least (in his words) "a drooling idiot with no fashion sense".

  • Frenzy- He is a man able to turn himself into a cyclone, but being a pacifist he is almost worthless. He wears a bizarre, garish outfit with all kind if weird symbols.

  • The Fog- He is a less eccentric member able to turn himself into fog and absorb human and their personalities are trapped as luminescent lights (but if insane people like Crazy Jane [has Multiple Personalty Disorder] are communicate with one another).

  • The Quiz- She wears her long grown and oxygen mask because of her fear of dirt. She has "every power you had not thought of", but you can remove her powers by saying it's name. She show having the ability to make escape-proof spirit jars, turning people into flower-filled toilets, making things large, dematerialization, turning people to glass, copying people's appearance and flight.

  • Sleepwalk- Holly McKenzie has vast superhuman strength when sleeps (she sleep walks). So she takes sleeping pills and wear head-phones that play songs by Barry Manilow. She has two heads painted on her face.

Mr. Nobody used a magic painting to trap Paris in inside it. It frees the 5Th Horseman of the Apocalypse, who could fly, absorb energy, couldn't die and had dimensional manipulation and divine powers. But the Doom Patrol and the brotherhood stop the 5Th Horseman of the Apocalypse and freed Paris, but the Brotherhood members got trapped inside and the members (but Mr. Nobody) CHOOSE to stay in the painting! Mr. Nobody escaped the painting and reformed the team having:

  • Agent !- Despite having exclamation marks all over his body and a bird cage as a chest, he has the power to come as no surprise. So his life goal to find the element of surprise and discovered he had it along, while dying.
  • Alias the Blur- Ilse Krauss is a real narcissist in more ways than one. She fell in love with her reflection in a mirror and when even more mad when she thought it got kidnapped (she got older). While attacking them mirror in rage, she got herself hurt and was sent to the hospitable. Mr. Nobody reactive the evil in the mirror, when a kid broke the mirror in the junkyard, it turned into a monstrous form of Ilse! It had time manipulation and shape-shifting.

  • Love Glove- When Bobby Carmichael saw the Glove Tree in a dream, he lost his arms but his rigth arm was replaced by a floating glove and he could get a super-powered one to replace the left.

  • Number None- He can turn into anything that can get in your way.

  • Toy- She is a mysterious female that's always late. She has a Hannibal Lecter mask - Mr. Potato Head mix look to her face.

The new team tried to get Mr. Nobody President and turn everyone into hippies. However the government sent a superhuman named John Dady to stop them and he killed all of them (expect Toy, who was late for the battle and possibly Number None).


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